Why Deepak Mehta is One of The Leading Architects in Chennai

25 Oct Why Deepak Mehta is One of The Leading Architects in Chennai

If you are trying to spot the top 10 architects of the country, you will easily find his name as a predominant one! He is Deepak Mehta and what makes him one of the leading architects in Chennai and entire India is dexterity and visionary approach in planning and unparalleled knack to execute the ideas in projects. His work has brought many laurels to his name and put him amongst the leading and harbingering architects not only in Chennai but all over India.

Extensive Work Spread Across the Globe:

Mr. Deepak Mehta is such a leading architect whose work is not limited to Chennai or India but it is spread across the globe. He has extensively done the planning and execution of a whole gamut of residential and commercial properties. Some of them are outside India which is why his reputation is much more than that of leading architects in Chennai.

Mr. Mehta has received the mentorship of India’s renowned architect Hafeez Contractor and it shows in his work. This immaculate knowledge coupled with out of the box approach of Mr. Deepak Mehta has facilitated construction of numerous world-class apartments, low-rise, high-rise, malls, multiplexes, hotels, health care centers and many more, and gone ahead to register a remarkable presence in Dubai too.

Redevelopment is a tedious and challenging task but Mr. Mehta has taken up many of redevelopment projects successfully.

Touching a Large Clientele:

Top business houses and industry majors want only the leading architects to execute their projects, whether they are in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore or elsewhere. From this standpoint too, Mr. Deepak Mehta and his architectural genius possess the highest preference.

Over the years, this leading architect of Chennai has incorporated projects for many top organizations, thereby touching a large clientele. Some noteworthy groups in this list are Mahindra Lifespaces, Sun Group, Vardhaman Group, Hiranandani, Kabra Group, Lok Group, etc.

Recognized and Awarded Architect:

Among the leading architects in Chennai, Mr. Deepak Mehta is one who has been recognized and awarded on multiple national platforms. He not only enjoys a large acknowledgment from media but also from the industry.

Few of them are worth a mention – Most Promising Residential Architecture Award 2017, Merit Awards and Market Research 2016, CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Award 2016-17, and many more. He has also been awarded as the “Best Architect of the Year” and for “Best Commercial Building of Navi Mumbai, CIDCO & IIE”.

India’s eminent media houses as Times of India, Indian Express and Dubai’s Khaleej Times have also honored Mr. Deepak Mehta and his work.

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